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Application for Tax reg & Tax Clearance Certificates

A tax clearance certificate confirms that the company in question has complied in every respect (lodgement of returns and/or payment of taxes due) with all statutory tax requirements as administered by SARS.Once issued, the certificate is valid for 1 year.It is advisable to have a valid tax clearance certificate on file at all times. This will ensure piece of mind, knowing that your company tax obligations have been fulfilled.For new company registrations, the company will first have to be registered as a tax payer before an application for tax clearance may be lodged. Applications are lodged electronically via the SARS website.

 Documentary requirements:
  1. Company registration documents
  2. ID documents/Passports for each of the directors/members

Time frame:

Provided that all the required supporting documentation is at hand at the point of submitting the application, the application will be approved within 4-5 working days

Tax reg + Tax clearance

  • A fee of R850.00 will be levied